I am a grad student in Social Work and will have my Master’s in about a year! Photography is a new hobby, although I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I love taking snapshots of life’s experiences and I’m excited to start practicing more consistently.

Some of my favorite things:
Slacklining, watching movies, and music. I love reading, journaling, and spending time with my amazing family. I love looking at, thinking about, and taking pictures.

I also have some quirky interests that you may see in my pics:
Old antique keys and doorknobs; I always wonder what door those old keys go to. I also really like cemeteries…it may sound weird but I feel like it should be a viewed as a celebration that these individual’s mission to live as a mortal was completed. I always try to make it more joyous. I also get obsessed with song lyrics, so there may be some connections made there. And due to my career interests in social work, I love portrait pictures that tell someone’s story. I love the focus on the individual and the raw human experience.


§ 2 Responses to About

  • Jen says:


    Not only am I impressed with your photos so far, but the way you write is very complimentary to those photos. You are are very poetic. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the amazing talents of the people close to you.

    I don’t think I knew how much you liked photography. The picture of the headstone with all the toys around it is my favorite. It is a beautiful picture.

    I’m excited to see more! Love you!

  • Cait Gammill says:

    These pictures are beautiful. And you are so articulate! Not that I ever thought any different but you are so talented. Doing great! Keep it up.

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