Tread Lightly

April 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

I was a little nervous about in a nearby cemetery for fear of having someone see me walking around aimlessly, looking at the direction of the light coming from the sun, trying to spot an interesting gravestone to shoot. I worried people might think I was being disrespectful…I mean, who really wants to have pictures of a gravestone? But, I kept reminding myself that my intentions are purely to capture that mystery that is always found in cemeteries and to truly celebrate the lives of those people that have passed on before us.

I found a neat website of memorial art that I really like. Check it out too!

These photos aren’t publishing as sharp and clear as my original files. Any suggestions? I’m not sure how to keep that integrity intact.

I loved this granite headstone…the textures contrast and the lighting was just right!

The sunlight pouring in seemed to give it a more calming/peaceful effect. It looks like I even caught a little glimpse of a rainbow

I think this is one of my favorite shots from this day..I absolutely love the antique feel and the story the items create

I really enjoyed this shoot…as odd as it may seem to some people. And as I was leaving, I was tempted to stay even longer because I spotted an area in the cemetery that looked so much older than the rest of it. But I didn’t stay, so there may be more coming in the future. Keep your eye out!


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